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“Per Diem.” We come across this term more often, but what does per diem mean in the medical industry? If people work in the healthcare industry in a per diem style, how does it benefit them? You must have a lot of questions like these in your mind. In this blog, we will dive deep into the subject and learn about its advantages and why one must opt for it. You might have heard the phrases “per diem employee” or “per diem meal expense” Per diem is a Latin phrase in which ‘Per’ means for each and ‘Diem’ means day. People use this term to classify employees and business travel expenses. 

Let’s read a little more about per diem in detail. 

Role Of Per Diem Nurses In Healthcare Sectors 

If you wonder what per diem work in the healthcare sector is, here is the complete answer.  

Per diem nurses are the most crucial pillars of the healthcare sector. A per diem professional nurse works with hospitals and other healthcare organizations on an as-urgent basis. Often a per diem nurse is used as an alternative to hiring full-time hospital nurses. You may find per diem nurses working in various hospitals and organizations. Some of these may include acute care, urgent care, long-term acute care, etc. They may have to work in emergency rooms, outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, mental health organizations and departments, public safety agencies, military units, etc. 

Per diem nurses’ schedules can vary from week to week. They don’t have a guaranteed set of time for working, and they’re paid per diem wages for the days they work rather than on an hourly basis.

The work of a per diem nurse is determined by the employer’s job needs and the nurses’ availability.

Some nurses make a good career out of per diem jobs and work with multiple hospitals and clinics at once. While some nurses also do per diem work alongside the job to make extra money. Hospitals and organizations tend to use per diem nurses when primary staff nurses are sick or on vacation. Also, or when the company needs more help during a busy time, for instance, during a pandemic.  

Top Advantages Of Working As A Per Diem Nurse

These are the top 10 advantages of being a per diem nurse. 

You Can Earn More Money 

The best perk that a per diem nurse enjoys is the salary which is very much similar to a full-time staff nurse. You get your salary on an hourly basis, and it is mostly higher than that of regular nurses. Due to the fact you are not there on the full-time payroll, the institution doesn’t provide perks like health insurance and retirement plans, so they pay you more in return.   

Work On Your Terms 

Being a per diem nurse, you can work on your terms. A per diem nurse is not obligated to work under any hospital or organization. Another advantage is that you can pick where you want to work and what shifts you want to work. So, it is easier and beneficial for per diem nurses to get married, plan a family, and study further if they wish to. It becomes convenient to manage classes and balance lives without compromising their jobs and careers. 

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Avoid Workplace Politics

One of the best benefits of being a per diem nurse is that you don’t have to get involved in workplace drama and politics. Moreover, as a per diem nurse, you are free to go on a vacation and rest. You are not expected to request anyone or fight with anyone to ask for holidays and half days. Also, you can work for the entire week or just one day, whatever fits your preference. If you don’t like to work on group assignments, it’s beneficial because you will not have to be a part of any work committees or groups that may or may not be assigned to you.

Consequently, you can concentrate on attending to and caring for your patient instead of getting into some unavoidable politics and drama at work. 

Ensure An Outstanding Work-Life Balance

The top advantage of being a per diem nurse is that you enjoy and maintain your quality of life. You will never miss out on anything important in your life due to work obligations. For instance, you can attend your favorite sports games and concerts or enjoy whatever you want. Unlike other people stuck in daily jobs, you do not have to choose between working and enjoying life. The best thing about this is that you can spend quality time with your family whenever you wish to without any hesitation and regrets. 

You Have A Less Chance Of Getting Burnout

Burnout is a harsh condition that many nurses and employees face. But, there is very less risk for a per diem nurse to become a victim of burnout and exhaustion. According to the nurses who transitioned from full-time jobs to per diem jobs find it less stressful and more productive. Being a per diem nurse, you will experience less burnout because you are not giving your 24×7 into the job. Not working consistently in one constant space keeps per diem nurses away from burnout. 

Explore Multiple Opportunities 

Lastly, you can explore multiple opportunities in places, environments, job fields, etc.   

Per diem nurses can pick up seasonal work to earn some extra bucks. So, for example, during flu season, they can choose to work some extra shifts and administer flu medicines at clinics. This kind of work is flexible as it can be done whenever it fits the per diem nurses’ schedule. 

Also, a per diem nurse can choose to fulfill the duties of a travel nurse and pick up a travel contract to get paid to travel. Consequently, this will allow you to travel to different places in your country and even the world. You will gain valuable experience in traveling and caring for the patients. Being a podium travel nurse will earn you significant money. 

Before signing a full-time permanent nurse contract with an institution, you must consider working as a per diem nurse. This is an excellent way to get the job experience and see if it is a good fit for you. If you are confused in your nursing career about whether you want to work as a nurse or not, then work as a per diem nurse somewhere first. 

Furthermore, as a per diem nurse, you are not entitled to work at one institution. You can work more than one job, and also you can choose the type of job you want to work in. For instance, you have many options if you wish to be a home healthcare nurse, travel nurse, or work in any particular department. This allows you to opt for a favorable working environment. 

It is a great way to add flexibility and variety to your nursing life. The best thing is that you will never get bored with so many options and flexibility in the job. As a result, you can work productively and focus on your career efficiently. So, if you can juggle multiple jobs at one time, then the money and advantages are worth all the hard work. 

The Final Thoughts 

Per diem nurses can enjoy several perks and earn handsome salaries alongside doing a regular job. If you are pursuing nursing education and are confused about where to work or what specialty you should choose to build a career, consider working as a per diem nurse, and it will open tons of opportunities for you. 

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