How Much Do Healthcare Staffing Agencies Make?


The nursing and healthcare shortage continues to increase. As a result, medical staffing agencies come forward to help healthcare organizations find the right staff. If you are wondering what a medical staffing agency is? It is a staffing agency or medical staffing consultants mediator between employers and workers.

Now, you are wondering: how much do healthcare staffing agencies make? If this question often pops in your mind, then read this blog. It will answer all your questions. 

How Do Medical Staffing Agencies Work? 

Medical staffing agencies use their huge network to connect employees to employers. They have highly skilled recruiters, and their purpose is to find the best healthcare talents across the country. 

If you have a healthcare organization, you probably spend most of the time caring for the patients and looking for the right candidates to staff your healthcare facility. A medical staffing agency can handle all your hiring work for you. They can do many more tasks than just interviewing applicants, ultimately saving your time and energy. Let’s understand how they work in detail to figure out their profit. 

  • Screening The Candidates 
  • Temp Staffing And Flexibility 
  • Recruiting The Ideal Talent 
  • Filling Vacant Jobs
  • Quick Medical Staffing 

Let’s read about each method in detail. 

Screening The Candidates 

Medical staffing agencies spend significant time screening the applicants for the job. They sort unsuitable candidates by doing a detailed background check on the employees. 

Temp Staffing And Flexibility 

Companies are endeavoring to be more productive and staff efficient healthcare workers when you most need them. Temp staffing allows you only to have staff when you need them, particularly for productivity reasons. 

Recruiting The Ideal Talent 

Medical staffing agencies go out of their way to find the right talent for your organization. 

Recruiting sometimes can be costly and time-consuming. But, the agencies have large networks, which they take advantage of and hire ideal people. Also, they have a full-proof recruitment process that helps hire the best people. 

Filling Vacant Job Roles 

Healthcare organizations often have plenty of vacant seats to fill. Medical staffing agencies save your time by searching for ideal candidates on time. 

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Quick Medical Staffing 

The job market has changed significantly over the past couple of years. Great talent becomes harder to find, and it takes more time than usual. And the hiring process has become longer and more hectic. Hiring a medical staffing agency to cater to the needs of the healthcare department is a wise decision. They can handle and do quick hirings for you.  

How Do Medical Staffing Consultants Get Paid?

Medical staffing agencies make money in different ways:

Healthcare staffing consultants typically charge 25% of the 100% of employees’ salary. They may also charge a few dollars from the employees, but that happens in a few rare cases. For instance, if you and a medical agency agreed on a margin of 50% and a new employee earns an hourly wage of $10, you will pay the firm $5 per hour. 

Additionally, the salary for the medical staffing employers varies by location. Typically the pay is higher in big cities. The more people the agency provides, the higher they get paid.

However, the medical agency pricing in urgent and quick hiring may be doubled. In fact, in cases of expert hiring, the price may rise beyond these numbers. They help healthcare aspirants to meet their expectations with their huge network. Therefore, the medical staffing industry is growing significantly in these times.   

A medical staffing agency is an $11.1 billion industry and has been growing at a pace of 7% per annum since 2016. Each service in a healthcare staffing industry has a unique need and demands different characteristics.  

The Future Of Medical Staffing Agencies

According to reliable sources, the industry is expected to grow significantly. More and more healthcare organizations will use healthcare staffing agencies in the future. The margin that healthcare facilities or hospitals pay to the agencies will ultimately be lower. 

Moreover, temporary staff members get lower salaries than full-time working staff members. They can use temporary positions to check whether or not a person is the right fit employee for the organization or not. 

It is not MNCs and top businesses that use staffing agencies more often. Hospitals, clinics, nonprofits, and other healthcare organizations are using them. 

People are moving to medical staffing agencies because they have been off from work due to COVID and need something to help them meet their basic needs. Moreover, studies and jobs have also been affected due to the same virus. People need jobs and money to fulfill their needs and dreams. Businesses are losing their employees due to increased deaths and diseases. To sum up, medical staffing agencies are helping both parties. 

Besides, COVID comes back every year with a new mutation. Consequently, healthcare staffing agencies have a lot of duties to cater to during these times. On top of COVID duties, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers have other patients to look after. For instance, kids or critical patients who require daily attention and care, people in intensive care units, senior citizens, etc. Medical staffing agencies help to fulfill urgent and quick job positions with the right talents so they can cater to these needs and save lives. 

Hence, the data suggests that opportunities in healthcare staffing are endless. 

To conclude, the money that a medical staffing agency or consultancy charges is justified in terms of the roles and responsibilities they fulfill for people. 

Are you still finding reasons to be in connection with a healthcare consultancy firm? Read ahead and know why you should immediately do so.

Why Connect With Healthcare Consultants? 

Are you a brilliant nursing student looking for a job? Or are you a reputed hospital looking to hire the best nurses? A medical staffing agency will make you two meet. You just need to contact them and tell them your job requirements. They will help you get what you have been searching for. 

If you are a healthcare employer, you need to hire the right talent with good medical knowledge and experience. The medical staffing agencies can help you with this. Whereas, if you are an aspiring caregiver, they can help you find your dream job. Whether it is a job as a travel nurse, school nurse, home healthcare nurse, or specialization nurse, you can keep your aspirations upfront with them. 

Don’t wander too far. The right Medical staffing consultants are right in front of you. The I’Kare Consulting Firm is one of the top-notch, reliable healthcare staffing agencies. Our healthcare staffing consultants cater to the staffing needs of reputed hospitals and healthcare organizations. We can help you fetch your dream job or hire talented nurses for your organization. For any queries related to medical staffing, reach out to us.

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