How To Find The Best Travel Nursing Jobs Agency In Naperville?


Nurses who have travel licenses seek the right travel nursing jobs. However, today, it’s not easy to get a job without the help of a travel nursing jobs agency in Naperville. The reason is there are few vacancies for travel nurses. 

With the rising demand for nurses, the jobs for travel nurses saturate the healthcare industry. You may find it difficult to land a perfect job without connecting with recruiters. Here a travel nursing jobs agency can help you. In this post, you will learn how to find the best travel nursing agency for yourself.

What Is A Travel Nurse?

You need to understand who is a travel nurse. We hope you have a basic idea about this nursing role. First, these nurses travel to different states to provide care to patients. Travel nurses are Registered Nurses(RNs) who work for staffing agencies. 

Their role differs from that of other nurses in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers. These nurses must travel across states or countries to care for patients. Travel nurse agencies assign them to medical centers on a short-term contract. The hospitals hire the RNs due to following reasons:

  • To fill out vacancies on an urgent basis
  • Fulfill short-term staffing needs
  • To provide an extra hand to medical staff

What Are The Benefits Of A Travel Nursing Jobs Agency?

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in the nursing industry. There are several benefits you get from a travel nursing jobs agency. One of the major benefits is access to a large number of medical recruiters. Here are the main benefits of hiring a travel nurse jobs agency:

Variety Of Jobs

The major benefit of working with a travel nurse jobs agency is the availability of various jobs. These agencies filter the jobs based on your needs. As a nurse, you just need to tell them about your experience, expected salary, travel schedule, and other information. The team of experts selects the right job as per your needs. You also get the benefits of their connections with hospitals and medical centers.

Flexible Traveling

Being a travel nurse means getting ready to travel for a job across states and countries. You don’t get flexible schedules when you apply for travel nursing jobs anywhere. A travel nurse agency offers you a choice to select the job schedule. 

You also have full control over choosing your desired working schedule. With the agency, RNs can decide on several breaks, vacations, family visits, etc. However, the shift flexibility depends on your contract with a nursing jobs agency.

High Salary

Working with a travel nurse agency means a good salary. Travel RNs remain in demand throughout the year. As a result, hospitals are willing to pay high salaries. Most recruiters use nurse agencies for hiring travel nurses. When you work with these agencies, you get higher pay. The average annual salary of a travel nurse is $100,000. Moreover, it also increases as the demand for nurses rises.

Why Should You Work With A Travel Nurse Agency?

Apart from benefits, there are other reasons to work with a travel nurse agency. One of the biggest reasons is the security of jobs. Travel nurses are working temporarily. Thus, working with an agency increases the chances of finding a new job when the contract expires. Also, performing the job-finding process can be cumbersome for you. Here are the reasons for working with a travel nurse agency:

Security Of Job

As we mentioned above, the security of the job is the need of every travel nurse. Most nurses choose staffing agencies for this purpose. The demand increases every year, which is not limited to any location. With travel RNs, you can go anywhere, even outside America. Also, when you are registered with the agency, you don’t need to worry about future jobs.

Offer Other Benefits

Travel nursing agencies cover the health of RNs. You are eligible for various other benefits. You don’t get insurance when you work with nursing homes as a travel nurse. The perks nursing agencies give to travel nurses are as follows:

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  • Paid sick leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Vision and Dental
  • Assistance programs
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Bonuses
  • Incentives

Variety Of Assignments

Access to various assignments is the biggest reason to work with a travel nursing agency. The nursing agency is right for you if you want to work on different projects while traveling. Experts find suitable jobs for you from time to time. These agencies partner with healthcare facilities for a long-term role as well. You got various jobs to explore the nursing industry as a travel RN here.

How Can A Travel Nursing Agency Help In Finding A Full-Time Job?

You may be unaware of the term “direct hire” in nursing. It helps nurses to get jobs in healthcare on a full-time basis. Although, nursing agencies widely use it. Most travel nursing agencies help RNs to secure jobs on a full-time basis. 

Nurses of any level can use the facility of direct hire to get a permanent nursing job. However, the level of job security is less as a travel nurse. But when you choose a staffing agency, it helps get you a secure full-time travel nurse role. Experts of agencies research recent openings. They also know the required skills needed for the role.

What Things To Consider While Selecting A Travel Nurse Agency?

Selecting the right travel nursing jobs agency is difficult. It requires knowledge of a few things. As your nursing career depends on the agency, you should check the following.

Variety Of Jobs

Aim to select the nursing agency which has a variety of jobs. You can determine it by seeing their active contracts. A large number of active contracts means huge chances of your placement. Don’t forget to check the states or countries their nurses are working right now.

Number Of Recruiters

Next, you need to check the type and number of recruiters. There is a difference between active contracts and recruiters. Active recruiters mean the probability of getting travel nurse jobs. The other important thing to check is hospitals and medical centers.

Additional Benefits

As a travel nurse, you want to enjoy the additional benefits. Unfortunately, not every agency offers benefits to its nurses. Always check the package of benefits agencies offer. You always have the choice to discuss this package before signing any contract. Also, read the terms and conditions of availing of these benefits. Check the following benefits in the travel RN package:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Bonus
  • Tax advice
  • Housing allowance
  • Weekly Salary
  • Education assistance

Which Is The Best Travel Nursing Agency In Naperville?

If you are a resident of Naperville, you might look for the best travel nurse agencies. I’Kare Consulting firm is the best travel nursing jobs agency in Naperville. We have connections with top recruiters in the U.S medical industry. That means you will get a secure job as per your needs.

Moreover, our dedicated team guides you throughout the process of hiring. Our travel nurses enjoy flexible working at top hospitals. We offer them work at their convenience. You have the following reasons to choose us as a nursing job agency:

  • 24/7 expert support
  • Variety of nursing job
  • Top recruiters of the medical industry
  • Career Guidance
  • Additional benefits

To know more about our services, call (833) 996-3301 or (331) 321-7221.

Frequently Asked Questions

The need for travel nurses increases faster in the United States. Following are the states of the U.S. which have huge demand:

  • California
  • Texas
  • New Jersey
  • South Carolina

Yes, travel nursing agencies offer benefits like health insurance, paid leave, bonuses, and incentives.

Following are the skills required to work as a travel nurse:

  • Love of traveling
  • Adaptability
  • Critical thinking

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