Licensed Practical Nurse Jobs Naperville IL: A Detailed Guide

The demand for licensed practical nurses(LPNs) increases day by day. Thousands of candidates apply for licensed practical nurse jobs Naperville IL, every year. But not everyone gets selected for these job roles. The reason behind it is the lack of knowledge about how to get these jobs.

There is no shortage of good nurse jobs in Illinois right now. Despite that, only a few percent of nurses get selected for the desired position. If you are struggling to get LPNs jobs in Naperville, IL, you should take a moment to read this article. Read this detailed guide till the end to know how to get Licensed practical nursing jobs.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Licensed Practical Nurse(LPN)

As the name suggests, these nurses have been licensed to perform duties in medical industries. The LPNs are well-trained professionals appointed to provide medical attention to patients. These are usually appointed by nursing homes, medical centers, and hospitals. Knowing the role and duties is important before applying for a certain job. Here are the responsibilities of LPNs:

Assisting Doctors

Licensed practical nurses assist doctors and medical staff in caring for patients. Their everyday duties include checking reports, giving medicines, and maintaining a daily schedule.

Comforting Patients

Keep the patients clean by assisting them in bathing, feeding, and dressing daily. As a nurse, their main role is to provide comfort to the patients.

Maintaining & Updating Patients’ Records

Update the patient’s records daily. These nurses are responsible for sharing the reports with seniors for examination. LPNs also maintain the records and data in the spreadsheet. At the end of every week, they must share this data with a team.

Attending Patients Families

Explain the treatment and timely reports to patients and their families. Without a doctor, these nurses attend to patients’ families.

Helping Hand

Helps the medical staff in carrying out basic surgery and medications. As these are licensed nurses, they have in-depth knowledge of medicines. Moreover, these nurses prescribe the required pills for the treatment.


Assist the medical staff in shifting and discharging the patients from the hospital. Their responsibility also includes changing bandages and dressing regularly.

Skills Required To Get LPN Jobs

When you apply for licensed practical nurse jobs in Naperville, IL, you can notice the list of requirements. Not everyone can perform this job. If you want to be successful in your LPN career, you must have these important skills:

Clinical Skills

Clinical skills are the must-have requirement for getting licensed practical nursing jobs. You can possess these skills by completing the diploma. During the program, candidates are prepared to care for patients practically. In this, nurses are trained with skills like understanding signs, maintaining hygiene, and various medical processes. These skills help LPNs to survive in different situations.

Knowledge Of Computer

In the digital world, computer skills are in demand in every industry. LPNs need to have in-depth knowledge of maintaining online reports. Expertise in running various medical programs online can increase job chances. These nurses have in-hand experience in operating equipment via computer.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills can make the complex process easier. As LPNs need to attend to patients and families, clear communication decreases misunderstanding. Moreover, this skill also helps in creating effective communication with staff members. It is essential to share timely updates with patients and seniors, which is only possible with the right skills.

Decision Making Skills

In the absence of seniors, LPNs play a crucial role in making decisions. In an emergency, the right decision can save a patient’s life. That’s why it is essential to possess good decision-making skills. These professionals decide the medical situations and future treatment plans.

Teamwork Skills

Licensed practical nurses need to collaborate with doctors and medical experts. A teamwork ability can smoothen the process. One thing to note here is that LPNs work in medical centers under registered nurses.  When they work together, teamwork can bring a positive result for both the team and the patient. That’s why it is an important skill to get a Licensed practical nurse job in Naperville. These are some important skills every candidate must have to get the nurse job.

What Are The Educational Requirements For LPN Jobs?

To get the LPN job, you need to complete a nursing program. Whenever you apply for an LPN role, you need to have the following qualifications:
  • High school diploma
  • Graduate from LPN program
Also Read:- LPN vs RN Nurses: Understanding The Key Differences Moreover, candidates must have in-depth knowledge of various streams. However, the LPN program covers medical science in detail. 
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Anatomy
  • Emergency medical technology
  • Physical education
  • Foods and nutrition
  • Child development
  • First aid
  • Psychology

What Is The Average Salary Of An LPN In Naperville, IL?

The average salary of an LPN in Naperville is $58,000 per annum. However, the pay range varies according to experience and position. If you compare the salary with other nurses, there is a significant difference. Here is the salary of other nurses in Naperville, IL:
  • Nurse Anesthetist: $233,990 per year
  • LPN Practitioner: $123,000 per year
  • Physical therapist $95,000 per year
  • Registered nurse(RN): $81,000 per year
  • Nurse midwife: $118,030 per year
  • Nurse technician: $38,000 per year

How To Get A Licensed Practical Nurse Job in Naperville, IL?

There is no doubt that getting LPN jobs is not easy. Every year, thousands of candidates apply for the job role. But only a few of them clear the interview process. Not getting LPN jobs in Naperville, IL, is due to a lack of strategies applied by candidates. Here are the tips to get your dream LPN jobs:

Get The License

One of the major reasons behind not getting LPN jobs is the absence of a license. When you apply for the job online, you need to show a nursing license. If you graduated from nursing school, apply for a license as soon as possible. As the process can take months, it would be best to have all documents at the time of the job.

Use Online Job Sites

In the digital world, it’s easy to apply for LPN jobs online. Search for job sites and forums. After that, create your profile which shows your expertise. Then, use the advanced search filter to get the jobs in Naperville, IL.  Once you have results, start applying for the jobs which match your requirements. Moreover, you should also use social media to find the right LPN jobs.

Network With Other Nurses

Using the network is the best way to find the right LPN jobs. There is no better way to ask your professors, mentors, and nursing groups. It is easier to get a reference from already established nurses. If you have a friend working as an LPN, they can suggest you for a better open role. Moreover, you can contact the local nursing centers to research vacancies.

How Does The LPN Staffing Agency Help You In Getting A Job?

It’s never easy to find good LPN jobs solely. Sometimes, great jobs aren’t posted in public forums. Most medical institutes don’t use job boards to fill their vacancy. Here LPN staffing agencies can help both recruiters and candidates. If you search “LPN staffing agencies near me,” you will find many results. These agencies help medical centers in getting talented staff. Here is how these agencies can help you:
  • Give you access to diverse LPN jobs.
  • Provide a network of hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers.
  • Guide with better career options.
  • Make the right LPN jobs available for you.
  • Share feedback on your profile.
  • Maximize your earning potential.


Finding licensed practical nurse jobs Naperville IL, is a complex process. Every year, more than 60% of candidates are rejected. The reason is the lack of knowledge as a right LPN job requires essential skills and qualifications. Hiring an LPN staffing agency could be your best option if you are struggling right now. I’Kare Consulting Firm is a medical staffing division. We assist candidates and medical institutions in getting talented LPNs. Our expert team also finds the right career opportunity based on your skills and talent. To get the right nursing career direction, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The duties of LPNs in the medical industry are as follows:

  • Maintained patient records.
  • Assist medical staff.
  • Report to seniors.
  • Change the patient's dressing and bandages.
  • Plan medications.
  • Consult with RNs.
  • Attend patients' families.
  • Share progress report.

The following skills are required to get the LPN jobs:

  • Clinical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal
  • Computer skills
  • Problem-solving

According to the study, most LPNs work more than 10 hours daily. During an emergency, the shift hours can increase.

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