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A part of I’KARE Staffing division, it assists the medical institutions and organizations in
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Licensed Practical Nurse

Hire LPNs for the purpose of basic care and patient’s comfort and well-being.
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Certified Nurse Assistant
Hire CNAs for assisting nurses and facilitating operations in a care unit. .
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Registered Nurse (RN)

Hire trained and professional registered nurses to supervise your patient care programs.
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Personal Care Assistant

Hire trained and experienced personal assistance professionals to get the best care.

Licensed Practical Nurse

We provide Licensed Practical Nurses(LPNs) to nursing homes, medical centers, and hospitals. These LPNs are well trained and provide care to the patient. We provide medical staffing solutions to recruiters. Our nurses are well-trained and capable of handling critical patient conditions.

What Is An LPN?

A licensed Practical Nurse(LPN) provides basic care to patients in healthcare centers and hospitals. Their daily tasks range from patient care to various medical activities. LPN’s major duties involve ensuring patients’ comfort, monitoring reports, checking daily progress, etc. These nurses work under the supervision of Registered nurses(RNs).


Types of Licensed practical nurses

Hire the LPN according to your medical needs. We have talented licensed nurses who serve various medical departments. All our licensed practical nurses complete a nursing degree and receive licenses based on their skills. We provide various nurses as per medical requirements:

Doctor Office LPN

If you are looking for an LPN for your clinic work, we will help you hire the best one. These nurses can schedule appointments, regulate medicine, and assist in clinical testing.

Home Health LPN

These nurses provide care by visiting patients’ homes. Home Health LPN has expertise in offering help with healthcare activities.

Administrative LPN

Get a skilled administrative LPN who handles all your clerical and administrative tasks. We have experienced nurses who maintain accurate medical records.

Duties Of Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed practical nurses are skilled in handling various clinical and non-clinical tasks. Writing a description for LPN jobs can be hard. We will handle all the recruiting for you. Most aspiring candidates use the job board to get a nursing position. Our nurses are capable of performing the following duties:

  • Change the patient’s wound dressing and clothes.
  • Record pulse, temperature, and blood pressure.
  • Offer medications.
  • Maintain daily patient reports.
  • Assist RNs in various medical activities.
  • Create a health plan for patients.
  • Feeding and monitoring patients.

Cost Of Hiring Licensed Practical Nurse

We provide a salary structure based on market research to our various recruiters. Get the best idea of how much to spend monthly on an average for an LPN. The salary below may vary according to experience, skills, and specialization.

  • Average hourly salary for LPN: $25-$30
  • A typical range of salary: $15-$50 hourly
  • Licensed vocational nurse: $75,000 per year
  • LPN for operating room: $165,000 per year
  • Private LPN: $58,000 per year

Why Should You Hire A Licensed Practical Nurse?

You should hire LPN to assist you with medical activities. A shortage of nursing staff can affect your medical team. Moreover, the risk is associated with your patient’s lives when you don’t have a licensed nurse. When you hire LPN, they provide various benefits:

  • Offers quality care to patients.
  • Monitor the health of patients regularly.
  • Assist you with surgery and other clinical activities.
  • Maintain reports and plans.
  • Attend a family of patients.
  • Handle appointments and paperwork.

Certified Nurse Assistant

Get a certified nurse assistant (CNA) to facilitate daily medical activities. These nurses have expertise in helping patients and medical staff. We help medical centers and hospitals in acquiring top skilled nurses. 

We perform the complete background and certification check before selecting these candidates. Our CNAs are well trained and qualified from top nursing colleges. That means you will receive quality services from them.


Responsibilities Of Certified Nurse Assistant

During the CNA training, these nurse assistants are trained to take the different responsibilities. However, the day-to-day duties can change according to patients’ needs. A certified nurse assistant is capable of taking the following responsibilities:

  • Helps doctors and Registered Nurses(RNs).
  • Perform the process of patient admission.
  • Share the progress report with seniors and the patient’s family.
  • Assist patients in bathing and changing bandages.
  • Records the health status of patients.
  • Arrange medical equipment and accessories.
  • Perform various tests daily.

What Is The Salary Of A Certified Nurse Assistant?

The salary of the certified nurse assistant varies in different states. To get an overview of how much you should pay, we provide an estimated CNA salary. The range of these salaries is based on market research. The pay scale range depends on the qualification and experience of a nurse.

  • Common salary of CNA in the US: $16 per hour
  • Average salary range of CNAs: $7-$30 per hour
  • Patient care CNA: $49,000 per year
  • Home CNA: $35,000 per year
  • The state-tested certified nursing assistant: $48,000 per year
  • Nurse’s Aide CNA: $55,000 per year

The above-shown salary range is estimated based on current market research. 

Hire The Best Travel Certified Nurse Assistants

There is a huge demand for travel CNAs in the United States. If you offer home patient care, then you must hire these CNAs. The percentage of travel CNA jobs has increased over the last few years. Flexibility allows nurses to perform duties well while traveling to different states.

We shortlist the CNAs based on the applications received for travel CNA jobs in Illinois. Get ready to provide fast patient care in Illinois with our talented, certified nurse assistant. These nurses visit the patient’s location provided by you.

Our travel CSA performs the following duties:

  • Provide care to patients by visiting their homes.
  • Report to you about the patient’s current health condition.
  • Educate families about precautions and treatment.
  • Conduct various tests daily.
  • Monitor the recovery process of patients.

We provide medical staffing services to hospitals, medical institutions, and nursing homes. With us, you have the flexibility to analyze CNAs based on skills, experience, and specialization. Our experts conduct the skills test to shortlist talented medical staff. Our experts have years of experience and know the needs of recruiters.

Registered Nurse

Hire well-trained RNs who supervise your patient care programs. We have talented nurses who are selected based on their set of skills. These RNs have hands-on experience in medical and community nursing. Their service areas include doctor’s offices, nursing homes, hospitals, and nursing homes. You can easily trust our registered nurses with your different medical tasks.

Licensing Of RNs

When you use our medical staffing service, you will get only verified nurses. Our team of experts performs different stages to check the license of these nurses. All the RNs we select for recruiters carry a license from the state.


Every nurse must pass the National Council Licensure Exam(NCLEX-RN) during the licensing process. Moreover, after working in a particular specialization, these nurses registered with the National nursing council association. A licensing means RNs have good knowledge of the following things:

  • The complete nursing process.
  • Documentation and communication.
  • Teaching and learning.
  • Patient’s care.
  • Clinical process.

Various Duties Of Registered Nurse

As these nurses carry a license, you will receive full support from their side. Apart from providing patient care, RNs also assist in surgeries. Their day-to-day duties include:

  • Use and monitor medical equipment.
  • Help patients get ready for tests.
  • Working with doctors and medical staff.
  • Prepare patients for discharge.
  • Share the report with seniors.
  • Administer medication process.
  • Create a patient care plan.
  • Perform diagnosis process.

What Kind Of Training RNs Receive?

Nurses who apply for Registered nurse jobs have to show a training certificate. Although, it is not compulsory at all recruiting agencies. But having this certificate means a particular RN receives proper training during the program.

  • Hospital-based nursing training.
  • Two-year college training in nursing.
  • Four-year college education in nursing
  • Specialization training in a particular field.
  • Training in rheumatic diseases.

What Is The Salary Of A Registered Nurse?

The registered nurse salary depends on their specialization. To get registered with the nursing council, RNs must practice for at least one year in a particular medical field. On average, the salary of an RN is $75,000 per year. These nurses’ lowest salary is $53,400 per year, based on their grade level. However, the highest grade level nurse earns up to $116,000 annually.

Different Specialities Of RNs 

We shortlist RNs based on their specialized areas. These nurses focus on the areas which include:

  • Emergency room
  • Labor and delivery
  • Pediatrics
  • Neonatal intensive care unit(NICU)
  • Pain management
  • Endocrinology focuses on diabetes and thyroid issues.

Our medical staffing service fulfills every demand of the healthcare industry. Recruiters can easily hire these talented nurses for their patient care programs. By choosing us, you will get assurance of your nurse background, licensing, certification, and expertise. 

Our team verifies everything before presenting the candidate to you. Additionally, you have full control to test the knowledge of RNs by giving them assessments.

Personal Care Assistant

Hire a personal care assistant(PCA) to provide care to your patient. These care assistants have experience in assisting elderly and disabled people with day-to-day activities. If you deal with patients who need constant care, then PCA should be your first choice for hiring. These professionals are capable of supporting clinical activities as well. Our team of medical staff experts selects these assistants after conducting skill tests.

Duties And Responsibilities Of PCA

When you hire a personal care assistant, it performs all your core tasks. These experts perform the various basic clinical processes and provide personal care to patients.


Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a clean environment.
  • Provide psychological and emotional support.
  • Assists physicians and seniors.
  • Helps people maintain personal hygiene.
  • Do necessary housekeeping.
  • Provide medical emergency treatment.
  • Prepare the meal plan.
  • Provide support to patients in therapy exercises.

Qualifications Of Personal Care Assistant

We seek different qualifications and skills while posting personal care assistant jobs. Most PCAs apply to the jobs to get the right opportunity. Thus, we create a network between talented medical professionals and recruiters. Our goal is to provide medical centers with top talents to fulfill their needs.

Here are the skills and qualifications of personal care assistant:

  • High school diploma.
  • Certification in national caregiver course.
  • At Least two years of experience in the caregiver role.
  • Good knowledge of methods of personal care.
  • Experience in prescribing medications and treatments.
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Knowledge of maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Able to maintain a safe living environment.
  • Ability to perform housekeeping tasks and prepare meals.

While selecting the PCA, we also check their license(if any). With us, you will be assured of quality services by these professionals.

What Is The Salary Of A Personal Care Assistant?

The personal care assistant salary depends on their experience and certification. You may need to pay a higher salary to a certified PCA. The salary range also depends on the regions where these professionals provide service.

The average salary of a personal care assistant in the USA is $27,300 per year. This salary doesn’t include these professionals’ incentives and benefits in PCA jobs. Base salary per hour starts at $15 to $20. The highest salary these assistants receive is $33,100 per year. Our team will help you determine the right salary structure for personal care assistants as per industry standards. 

By using our vast network, we help you find the right PCA as per your needs and wants. We also offer proper training to these assistants, which helps them perform well in their respective fields.

Why Choose I’Kare Consulting Firm?

We at I’Kare Consulting Firm help job seekers and recruiters in the healthcare industry. Our team of consultants has years of experience in the medical field. Through our firm, talented healthcare professionals and recruiters can get the right guidance. To get the job, fill out your details in the applicant’s online form. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for medical staff, fill out the recruiter registration form on our website. We will match the relevant job or talent based on your requirements. For any queries, contact us toll-free at (833) 996-3301. You can also email us at Our team will contact you as soon as possible.