I’KARE Consulting Firm

Is a community-oriented business. We strive to empower people and create a direct impact on people’s lives.
We are dedicated to set you on the path to success.

About Us

We, I’KARE Consulting Firm, are a minority-owned healthcare staffing and consulting business operating from the heart of the Chicagoland area and catering to the staffing needs of multiple hospitals and the consulting needs of over a 10-Million people living in the Chicagoland area. The I’KARE consulting firm has a subsidiary known as the I’KARE Consulting Staffing Solutions, which focuses on fulfilling the staffing needs of the hospitals and the consulting needs of the individuals. We operate on our widely dispersed network to connect healthcare businesses with the right staff for their operations and connect qualified professionals with a vast plethora of opportunities.¬†

We are one of the fastest-growing staffing agencies in the Chicagoland area and have built a reliable and credible reputation in the market. Our management has experienced professionals that are always eager to help and present when you need them.

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Our Mission

The healthcare industry is intertwined closely in all our lives, and when it fails, we witness the ripples of its inability to cater the people’s needs. Therefore, as a home-and-community-based organization, we aim to build a sustainable system of staffing and consulting solutions to accomplish the goal of accessible healthcare for all and give a helping hand to a variety of medical professionals to scout the opportunities that suit their preferences and skillset the best.

We strive to achieve excellence in staffing by procuring candidates that can fit well in the positions of competency to deliver better, efficient, and expedient results complying with the regulations and standards of the industry. Therefore, we bring out the best practitioner engagement and alignment to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care.

Why Choose Us?

Most staffing agencies and firms display their accolades just by numbers and give you no insight into their ethics of operation or the voice of their company. I’KARE outstands other firms because we believe in making tangible contributions to the progress of the healthcare industry, and here‚Äôs how we do it:


We utilize a profusion of sourcing & screening strategies to unravel and identify individuals with unfathomable talent and the right skill set for each and every role.


We also extend services to assist you in the removal of the non-productive cogs in your machinery.


We offer professional help to both parties involved to ensure smooth operation and transition.


We offer 24 x 7 customer support to all of our clients- because healthcare isn’t a nine to five business.

How do you want us to assist you?


The I'Kare Staffing division does exceptional work. Their consulting agent sat down and thoroughly discussed my aspirations and preferences for the job. Then they scouted a role that suited me the best

Mason Gilespe

The screening and sourcing strategies of I’Kare are very extensive. They found the most talented and deserving individuals for the role of a registered nurse for my establishment. I am elated by their work.

Robert Greene

The staff of I’Kare consulting firm is very well connected and professional. Thanks to their guidance and support, I was able to land my dream role as a traveling nurse. They keep me updated on any upcoming opportunities.

Melissa Eli

Thanks to the Staffing services of I’Kare, I was able to get a job in the healthcare industry. It is often difficult for unlicensed personnel to get hired but with their guidance, I found a promising job

Jeremiah Allister Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

    Our Staff

    Our staff comprises individuals who are extremely professional and understand the importance of time and efficiency in a workplace. Once contacted, we shoulder the responsibility of filling the vacant position with the most desirable and well-suited candidate. Additionally, we provide education and training to candidates to prepare them for the most practical scenarios of the real world. 

    This training and education ensure the success of the organization’s operations and also of the individual involved. Our management and support are keen on providing customized attention to cater to the client’s fulfillment needs.

    Our Clients

    In the list of our clientele, we have healthcare organizations of all sizes and types- from smaller to larger, multi-setting healthcare systems, academic medical centers to critical access rural clinics. 

    We deal with clinical and administrative individuals and teams across the entire organization including physicians, executives, directors, managers, and frontline staff.

    Our Advisers

    The path of our progress is laid down by the leaders of the organization that are assisted by our valued advisors who have a professional medical background and have worked in the industry and hospital settings for many years as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner. 

    Become a part of the I’Kare. We started as a home-and-community-based organization and we still operate on the same principles. Join Us and see what role can you play in the betterment of the community.