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Per Diem

These are the daily basis jobs for medical professionals, seeking new opportunities to have controlled working hours.


Permanent positions in reputed medical institutions and  organizations as per your
skill set.
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Traveling Nurse

Nursing jobs on the go. Flexibility in working hours and opportunity to earn more while travelling through different states.
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Interim Placements

Temporary placements in positions of competence to support the institutions and earn good money in short period of time.

Per Diem Job

Get the guidance to thrive as a Per Diem nurse in the competitive job market. We provide advice and new opportunities to job seekers. Our experts continuously research and find relevant positions for candidates in the healthcare industry. 

Per Diem nurses have been a diversified term used as a temporary job title in medical centers. 

As the demand for these professionals increases, every medical institution seeks the right talent to fill the Per Diem nurse position.

What does Per Diem mean?

Many aspiring candidates like you often ask, What does Per Diem mean?

It is a Latin term whose meaning is “by the day.” In simple words, these are the healthcare professionals hired by doctors daily or as needed. 

What is a Per Diem Job?

It is a position in which a nurse has to complete the task assigned by the doctors or senior nurses. These nurses get paid based on tasks completed. It is a great way to earn an income without committing to a full-time job. Per Diem jobs vary according to the health department and often require fewer hours than full-time jobs. 

The required candidate for these job roles must have appropriate training and license. As this is not a permanent role, Per-diem nurses don’t receive the benefits like health insurance, bonus, incentives, etc.

How Is A Per Diem Nurse Job Different From A Part-Time Nurse Job?

There is a huge difference between a Per Diem and a part-time nurse job. Some of the factors which make this nursing job different from the part-time nursing job are as follows:


In Per Diem nurse jobs, the overall pay is less than in part-time nurse jobs. As there are fewer working hours, these jobs often pay based on the medical center’s needs. Sometimes, these nurses get paid higher, which reduces their other Per Diem benefits.


There are no fixed working hours in the Per Diem nurse job. In a part-time nurse job, you have been assigned a working schedule in advance by your seniors. 

Various Job Opportunities In Per Diem Role

There are huge opportunities for Per Diem nurses in the healthcare industry.


The most popular industry for Per Diem is healthcare. Many healthcare workers work on a contract basis. Common Per Diem job roles in the healthcare industry include:

  • Doctors
  • Lab technicians
  • Nurses
  • Support workers
  • Medical clerks

The hourly rate of Per Diem professionals depends on their skill and experience in the healthcare industry.

Permanent Nurse job

Get a permanent position as a nurse in a reputed medical institution. We provide step-by-step guidance which prepares you for the permanent nurse job role. With the help of our connections with recruiters, we suggest the right nurse role as per your skill set. 

Our team of consultants has years of experience in the placement process of nurses. We help you identify skills, competencies, and opportunities for the next nursing role. You will get assistance from our side throughout the recruitment process.

What Is A Permanent Nurse?

The “Permanent” word here means working as a nurse for the long term. There is no short-term contract or pre-determined date or time for leaving the nursing position. That means you have full security in your nursing job role. The responsibility of these nurses is to provide care to patients.

These nurses often enjoy huge benefits when they work with the NHS. With a good salary that increases yearly, permanent nurses also receive paid holidays. There are huge benefits of working as a permanent nurse.

Roles and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a permanent nurse depend on their skills and expertise. These nurses work daily to ensure the well-being of patients. The responsibilities of nurses which are permanent are as follows:

  • Operate medical equipment.
  • Perform routine checkups of patients.
  • Record and monitor the vital signs of patients.
  • Change dressing of the patient’s wounds
  • Provide emotional support to the patients.
  • Works with doctors and medical staff.
  • Maintains daily reports.

Based on education and experience, permanent nurses work in different places. Here are the popular places where you can see these nurses:

  • Physician’s clinic: Assist physicians by performing lab tests.
  • Hospitals: The role depends on the expertise of the nurse.
  • Rehabilitation centers: Provide care to patients suffering from injuries.
  • Outpatient medical facility: Monitor vital signs and medical checkups.
  • Home settings: Travel to a patient’s home to provide them with care.

Requirements To Get Permanent Nurse Role

The recruitment process of nurses for permanent roles is done based on different factors. Medical institutions seek skills, experience, and qualifications while selecting the right candidate. It might be hard for you to get selected without proper knowledge of the required skills and qualifications. I’Kare Consulting Firm creates an easy platform for aspiring nurses like you. Our experts keep you updated with the requirements for a permanent nursing role.


To clear the recruitment process, you must have the following qualifications and licenses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  • License from State Nursing Registration Council.
  • Proper training 


There are different skills required to perform well in the nursing field. When you are selected for a permanent role, your responsibility also increases. Here is the set of skills you must possess for this job role:

  • Knowledge of medical equipment
  • Assessment of patient
  • Critical thinking
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience
  • Time management
  • Patient care and education

What Is The Salary Of A Permanent Nurse?

The salary of the permanent nurse largely depends on their specialization. Other important factors which play an important role are experience, qualifications, and license. Following is the list of the average salary of nurses based on their permanent roles:

  • Nurse educator: $90,000 per year
  • Family nurse: $110,000 per year
  • Research nurse: $80,000 per year
  • Cardiac nurse: $115,000 per year
  • Psychiatric nurse: $109,000 per year
  • Home care nurse: $112,000 per year
  • Emergency room nurse: $116,000 per year
  • Nurse midwife: $113,000 per year
  • Women’s health nurse: $105,000 per year
  • Nurse Anesthetist: $189,000 per year

Traveling Nurse

Enjoy a flexible nursing career while traveling to different states. Work at your own pace and earn better as a traveling nurse. We make it easy for candidates to find high-demanding roles in travel nursing. The nursing industry is a vast field with huge opportunities for talented people like you.

What is A Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who travels to different states to provide nursing services to medical centers. Their short-term role can be seen in hospitals, clinics, and medical institutions. These nurses have a clinical background and work for staffing agencies. The best part of this job is that you can work as a nurse in any state of the country.

Duties Of Traveling Nurse

Undoubtedly, the demand for travel nurses across America is on the surge. If you are capable of traveling to different states for service, you can earn good money in this job. But before you apply for it, you should know the duties of the travel nurse. Following are the duties of a travel nurse:

  • Visiting patients in their homes.
  • Educating patients and their families about treatments.
  • Monitoring the current health condition of the patient.
  • Performing various tests.
  • Preparing the reports.

How To Become A Travel Nurse?

Becoming a travel nurse is easy when you have the right guidance on what to do next. First of all, travel nurses have the same credentials as any other nurse. So, earning a nursing degree or diploma is your first step toward becoming a travel nurse. Here are the steps you need to follow to become a traveling nurse:

Step 1- Earn A Nursing Degree

The primary step in becoming a travel nurse is earning a nursing degree. You need to complete a bachelor’s degree or diploma program. Here are options that lead you to earn it:

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) degree 
  • Associate of Science in Nursing(ASN) degree

Step 2- Pass The NCLEX Exam

The next step is to pass the National Council Licensure Exam(NCLEX). It is required to get a license that shows credibility among employers. NCLEX covers various nursing practices, conditions, and treatments.

Step 3- Obtain RN Licensure

Every state has its own requirements, so you must apply for licensure in multiple states. Most states participate in Nurse Licensure Compact, which means a single license is valid in multiple states.

Step 4- Gain Experience

There are higher chances of getting a traveling nurse job when you have experience. Working in clinics and medical centers as an intern can help you gain that experience. You can even apply for entry-level jobs to get practical experience.

Step 5- Find Nursing Staffing Firm

Once you have experience working as a nurse in medical centers, it’s time to contact us. We have connections with top healthcare recruiters. Thus, you will get the right guidance and knowledge for your next travel nursing job.

Interim Placements

Prepare for the next permanent job in the healthcare industry with the right expert support. We provide Interim placements, which build candidates’ confidence for long-term placement. Preparing for a full-time role during a medical internship adds major benefits to the career.

Our expert team has helped fresher nurses hone their skills and experience through our temporary placements. You will get better advice, training, and future opportunities with us.


What are Interim Placements?

Interim placement, also known as temporary placement, deals with the preparation for a full-time job in the healthcare industry. It is the best option for candidates to build confidence, learn new skills, and prepare for long-term placement. The various benefits candidates get during interim placement are experience, flexibility, skillset, and networks of professionals.

Difference Between Interim Placement And Temporary Job

Both interim and temporary jobs define something that is not permanent. In the temporary nursing job, nurses are paid on an hourly basis. These healthcare professionals are hired by a recruiting agency temporarily. However, these nurses receive the same benefits as any permanent nurse.

On the other hand, interim placements are designed for particular positions on an urgent basis. In these roles, candidates learn and support medical institutions while working for a short period. The demand for interim professionals is on a surge in the healthcare industry. Whenever medical centers need to fill the positions urgently, they seek an interim placement.

Benefits Of Choosing An Interim Role

There are huge opportunities in interim roles for those with great leadership and communication skills. If you want to learn, upskill, and gain experience, then interim placement is best for you.

Chance To Work On Projects

During the interim placement, you have been given a chance to work on distinct clinical projects. We have a large network of recruiters who need talented interim medical staff. Through this placement, candidates have huge opportunities to learn and grow with the team.

Increase Knowledge And Skills

When you work with other healthcare professionals, you learn new skills. Interim placement is the right way to gain practical knowledge about the medical industry. This helps you take on future roles with experience.


The major advantage you will receive during interim placement is the chance to network with senior doctors, nurses, and physicians. A workspace environment brings an opportunity to work with an expert medical team. As a result, you have a chance to get referred by your colleagues and seniors for a permanent role.