Travel Hospice Nurse Salary: How Much Do They Make?


Travel hospice nurses work in specific locations for a limited and usually predetermined period of 13 to 16 weeks. Though they may work in different kinds of facilities, homes, critical care settings, skilled nursing facilities, and occasionally in a hospital setting, they can choose where they like to work. Travel hospice nurses also earn handsome salaries, making this profession a lucrative career choice.

According to a recent report, a travel hospice nurse makes an average of $117,490 annually, making it one of the highest paying jobs in the nursing field. Travel hospice nurse jobs also provide countless personal rewards. However, benefits vary from agency to agency.

How Much Does A Travel Hospice Nurse Make?

Travel hospice nurses work in different settings and schedules. So, their schedule and work setting decide their payscale:

Hourly: The average rate for a travel hospice nurse is $56.49. However, recently licensed travel hospice nurses draw a much lower starting salary of $37.71, while their higher experienced counterparts draw an average of $82.06. Some of this may include overtime hours. However, the availability and demand for overtime will vary from one assignment to the next.

Monthly: The average salary for hospice travel nurses is $9,790 and may vary depending on hours worked or bonuses.

Annual: the average annual salary for travel hospice nurses also varies notably. On average, they draw $117.490 with a starting salary of $78,430, rising to $170,680 as they get more experience. Again overtime and bonuses may play a beneficial role. Besides the experience, the overall nature of the assignment plays the biggest role in the salary difference. Travel hospice nurses who work long overnight shifts in trauma centers earn more than those who work shorter daytime shifts in nursing homes and hospitals.

What Other Benefits You Receive As A Travel Hospice Nurse

Besides the salaries mentioned above, hospice travel nurses may receive a package including several other benefits that provide additional value.

Insurance coverage: If you are a licensed hospice travel nurse, you will be provided insurance coverage that includes health, vision, and dental. Though travel hospice nurses often pay a part of premiums directly from their pre-tax pay.

Retirement (401K): 401(k) is one of the most preferred retirement benefits in the U.S. It is available to travel nurses with a relatively higher employer match.

Tax-free travel reimbursement: Because hospice travel nurses expect to travel to different parts of the state, the country, and sometimes even the world, employers will often reimburse them or provide a stipend for their travel costs.

Free housing: Travel nurses generally get the benefits of free housing facilities. However, this is typically for long-term assignments. It may include an apartment in the city.

Free CEUs: A travel hospice nurse must be licensed to practice in all 50 states. Their employers may provide access to free education (CEUs) to help ensure they have met their licensure requirements.

How To Boost A Travel Hospice Nurse Salary?

A hospice travel nurse’s income is not limited to their salary. You can increase your average travel nurse pay greatly in multiple ways. However, not all employers offer these options.

Work per diem and pick up additional shifts: A hospice travel nurse is often paid by the hour, but some employers may offer you the option of daily (per diem) pay, which can be more profitable. Here you may choose to go for extra shifts on off days if you work per day or to work double shifts if you are paid hourly.

Maintain a nursing license in multiple states: ensure to get the license to work in different states. When you are licensed to work in multiple states, you will get more assignments offered with different benefits. You can choose your desired job, pay, location, and more.

Take up high-demand assignments: High-demand assignments may require long working hours with underserved communities and locations. Since finding travel nurses to fill these assignments is difficult, many employers offer high pay to make them more attractive. 

If you could take up these assignments and live in these difficult locations, you may earn handsomely.

Refer a Traveler: If you refer a nurse to the agency you work for, you may get additional perks in the form of a bonus.

States Who offer Higher Pay

Here are some states in the U.S. that offer higher pay to travel hospice nurses:


The average salary California offers to a travel hospice nurse is $177 040, one of the highest travel nurse salaries in the United States. Los Angeles and San Diego are the two most populated cities in the state that pay travel hospice nurses the most. The rise in the nursing shortage in California, specifically in trauma centers and nursing homes, helped boost the salary. Healthcare providers in this state consistently reach out to the staffing agency to fill the requirements. Besides the high salary, California offers much to see and do during your off time.

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The average salary Texas offers is $112,780. It is not as high as some other states, but it is still a great choice. Texas has a warm climate most often, though winters can be cold, and snow is not unheard of. Texas can provide much-needed respite if you want to escape the freezing winter.

New York

In New York, you can expect an average annual salary of $131,810, which is fairly above the national average. When it is a day off, you can enjoy the state’s 22 national parks or visit NYC’s famous central park.


There is much to see and do as a travel nurse. Though the average salary is $102,070, which is lower than some of the other states on this list, the atmosphere and incredible selection of the assignments can make up for this. Florida is home to some of the best country’s medical centers and hospitals. White sandy beaches and the dozens of parks are the USP of Florida beauty.


The keystone state offers an average annual salary of $ 108.910 and plenty of opportunities for unique assignments. The healthcare facilities in urban Pennsylvania are some of the state’s biggest employers of travel hospice nurses, specifically in nursing homes, trauma centers, and adult day care centers. You can hang out in the beautiful Lake Erie when you’re not busy caring for the patients.


If you want to work in a wide variety of settings in numerous renowned locations, Ohio is the right option! Ohio typically offers a $102,420 average annual salary to a hospice travel nurse.


If you choose Illinois, you can earn an annual salary of up to $109,490. Chicago, the best city in Illinois, is known to offer the highest pay in the state to a hospice travel nurse.

North Carolina 

You can earn an average annual salary of $101,250 during your assignment here. Being a home to some of the country’s most renowned and prestigious hospitals, daycare centers, and trauma centers, it is facing a nursing shortage. Thus, there is a high demand for travel hospice nurses with very high pay.

North Carolina is also home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country.


The average annual salary for a travel hospice nurse in Michigan is $108,640.

Michigan provides some great respite when you can manage a day off.


The desert in Arizona is a great escape if you want to escape the cold. Arizona offers an average annual salary of $118,030. 

Are You Interested In A Hospice Travel Nurse Job?

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Bottom Line

A hospice travel nurse is hired on a contract, but there are multiple ways to earn more than just your hourly or monthly income. Some specific travel nursing jobs offer sign-on bonuses, completion bonuses, and extra pay if you work for additional shifts or days. (such as on holidays during your assignment or for some extra hours)

How much a hospice travel nurse makes is typically a combination of taxable pay and non-taxable reimbursements. Ensure you understand the ins and outs.

Make sure to go through all the details about pay and benefits with your recruiter before accepting any travel nursing job. Some specifics need to be understood and followed to earn bonuses and other benefits. Make sure you don’t lose out on money just because you don’t understand the fine print.

Again, there is a lot of variation regarding hospice travel nurse salaries, and factors like location, housing, and career opportunity can all help put money in your bag. You need to weigh all these factors to earn handsome pay! to fetch the highest paying jobs, contact I’Kare Consulting Firm.

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