Travel Hospice Nurse Jobs: Learn Everything About This Profile


Are you an aspiring nurse? Do you love to travel? Are you on a hunt for an opportunity where you do not need to take a break from your job to fulfill your wish? Well, there is something you can do as a career. You may have heard about the hospice travel nurse profile but are unsure what it is and how it works. 

Here is an in-depth review of a hospice travel nurse to ease your mind and help you fulfill your wish and make the best career choice.

What Does A Travel Hospice Nurse Job Necessitate?

Hospice care started when there was no care provided for severe illnesses. A hospice travel nurse focuses on providing end-of-life care to their patients. A hospice travel nurse generally provides the same care that a patient would get in a hospital but focuses on providing as much comfort, care, and support as possible as they approach the end of their life.

The Primary Responsibilities Of A Hospice Travel Nurse Include:

  • Proving personalized care
  • Managing pain and symptoms
  • Providing support to patients as well as their families
  • Helping them as they move towards death in a most humanly and dignified way.

Secondary Responsibilities Of A Hospice Travel Nurse Include:

  • Bringing things needed for care
  • Obtaining the equipment required for ample care
  • Ensuring the patient’s medication is available
  • Performing patient’s assessment; and
  • Creating a plan for all medical professionals/caregivers to follow

Still, the job responsibilities do not end here. As a hospice travel nurse, you will probably work with a team of medical professionals and more to ensure that your patients’ needs are consistently fulfilled. Your team may consist of:

  • Licensed practical nurses
  • Doctors
  • Certified nursing assistants
  • Home health aides
  • Chaplains
  • Spiritual advisors (in some cases)
  • And more

Being a hospice travel nurse, you must act as an educator and a caregiver. Nursing assistants, chaplains, and family members will rely on your guidance on how to help their loved ones in their final days. You may also give the patient a deeper understanding of what is happening. As you know that any elder in her last days probably loses the cognitive and mental ability to understand anything well.

Remember, as a hospice travel nurse, you are your patient’s Number 1 advocate.

Difference Between A Hospice Travel Nurse And A Hospice Nurse 

The main difference between a hospice travel nurse and a hospice travel nurse is that they will provide personalized care as the patient heads to the end of their life. A hospice travel nurse is responsible for traveling with the patient. Whereas a hospice nurse typically works in the patient’s home, in critical care settings, in a skilled nursing facility with the patient, and sometimes in a hospital setting in very rare cases. In comparison, a hospice travel nurse works according to patients’ needs.

How Long Are Hospice Travel Nurse Assignments?

Hospice travel nurse assignments typically last between 8 to 13 weeks. However, it typically depends on your patient’s needs.

We offer flexible hospice nursing assignments at I’kare Consulting Firm. If you want to work and explore a specific location, our recruiters will work hard to provide you with your next assignment in that specific location.


Basic Requirements For A Hospice Travel Nurse

Travel nurses looking to become hospice travel nurses don’t realize that hospice care is a specialized field.

A hospice travel nurse needs to undergo special training to offer care till the end of their patient’s life or severely ill patients by providing support and strength to the families. They must be able to identify the needs of their patients to provide the appropriate, specialized, and personalized care. They must be competent to apply interventions quickly and effectively whenever required.

The Basic Requirements Include:

  • A state nursing license
  • A nursing degree from a registered institute
  • Nurse licensure compact
  • Life support certification
  • Advanced cardiac life support certification

Special Requirements For A Hospice Travel Nurse

It primarily depends on the agency or settings you work for. The agency could require you to be a certified hospice and palliative nurse. Many agencies also require their hospice nurses to have at least one to two years of experience.

What Makes An Applicant A Competent Candidate For Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs?

Compassionate, courageous, and adaptable are the three primary requirements for this job role. These qualities are vital for being a hospice travel nurse. Working as a hospice travel nurse will demand you to get compulsively comfortable and be able to deal with the uncertainty that comes with the end of life.

Are you someone who:

  • Love to be around elders?
  • Love building relationships with people
  • Can transition from assignment to assignment easily
  • Comfortable helping people ( young or old) in their final days of life?
  • Pose the quality to stay calm under pressure, especially in a critical situation

If yes, a hospice travel nurse career job is only for you!

The Pros And Cons Attached With A Hospice Travel Nurse

Whether trying to get a hospice travel nurse job or looking for a certification to help pursue the career, getting aware of the pros and cons is always beneficial.

Pros Of Being A Hospice Travel Nurse 

One of the best qualities of a hospice travel nurse is the capability to make an everlasting impact on their patients’ life. The role of a hospice travel nurse is to ensure that your patient is comfortable and that the family doesn’t consistently have to worry about their health and comfort with the extreme emotions that come along with caring for a loved one at the end of their life. And on top of that, your patient is dying.

Cons Of Being A Hospice Travel Nurse

Becoming a hospice travel nurse also invites lots of emotional challenges. Compassion and staying strong are vitals. Though you know your patient is heading toward death. One of the biggest challenges all hospice nurses face is saying goodbye to their patients. Saying goodbye to them can even impact your mental health. Even if you will be dealing with deaths regularly, bidding goodbyes doesn’t necessarily get easier. Maintaining professionalism while controlling emotions and not letting them impact your mental health would be the biggest challenge.

Another con of being a hospice travel nurse is the ethical issues that a hospice nurse often faces. Something might be the best for the patient regarding medical care, but that care could go against the patient’s ethical code.

A Look At Hospice Travel Nurse Salary And Other Benefits

According to a recent report, a hospice travel nurse can expect to make an average of $81,716 a year, one of the highest paying fields in nursing. This job also comes with endless personal rewards, but it has cons. The salary or benefits of a hospice travel nurse could vary from agency to agency.

If you choose I’kare Consulting Firm as your nurse staffing agency, you will be offered premium benefits and packages that other nursing staffing agencies may not provide.

Where Is The Highest Demand For Travel Hospice Nurse?

The demand to not spend the last days of life at a hospital and get end-of-life care outside it is on a steady rise. The requirement for the hospice travel nurse is consistently increasing in high order throughout the country.

Some of the highest paying locations in the united states are as follows:

  • Brooklyn, New york
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Knoxville, Tennessee

Are You Looking For Hospice Travel Nurse Jobs? 

If you like providing care and emotional support to patients in their final days, you should choose this career as it is in high demand and a lucrative profession today. If you are interested in hospice travel nurse jobs, the I’kare consulting firm can help you. 

Being experts in the travel nursing industry, we provide the best assignments with the highest pay. Also, we will be available 24/7 to give you the support you need to fulfill your hospice travel nurse assignment successfully.

Final Words

As Americans continue to age ( which is natural), the desire for end-of-life care to be provided outside a hospital continues to grow. So the requirement for the Travel Hospice Nurse is in high demand. The profession also proves a lucrative career option.

However, before joining this field, you must ensure that you can provide the care with compassion and utmost love. If you will love your profession and will perform your work with complete dedication, then no one can stop you from shining in your career ahead.

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