How Long Does It Take To Become A Registered Nurse?


The American healthcare industry is growing rapidly, so the nurses’ profession is highly demanded. Registered Nurses have a handsome salary and enjoy amazing perks of their job. A good nurse is a compassionate person. This blog will discuss how long it takes to become a Registered Nurse.  

What Does A Registered Nurse Do?

Registered Nurses make a difference in people’s lives every day. They enjoy a handsome salary, job stability, and a high level of personal and professional satisfaction. But those unaware of the different nursing titles, there is an obvious question: what does a registered nurse do? Registered nurses perform a wide range of tasks depending on where they work, the patient population they work for, and the size of the overall nursing team they’re working with. They analyze and observe the patient’s behavior, medical history, and symptoms and create a medical strategy to treat the illness or injuries. In addition to all this, they administer doctors ‘ prescribed treatments, help patients in everyday activities, and help doctors perform surgeries.

Perks Of Being A Registered Nurse

We will read about the steps to becoming a Registered Nurse here, but before that, let’s look at why you should choose to become a nurse. Nursing is a respectable profession as people value the qualities of kindness and helpfulness. That is why there are numerous perks of being a Registered Nurse.

Job Security

Registered Nurses are always in demand because of COVID and other viruses spreading. Sadly, the country is experiencing a shortage of nurses. But, there will be numerous opportunities in the healthcare industry in the future.  

Holidays And Insurance

Registered Nurses get paid leaves for sickness, vacations, family emergencies, etc. In addition to this, they get health and life insurance, childcare facilities, and education reimbursement too. They also get allowances for their retirement. 

Huge Scope Of Growth

Making a career in nursing allows you to opt for various fields like travel nursing, home health care nursing, armed forces nursing, and you can even work at your family clinic. Nursing has a huge scope of growth in terms of salary and position. Registered Nurses can also switch the department and move into administration to become nursing officers or managerial positions.  

Rewarding Career

The profession of nursing is highly rewarding and provides job satisfaction. Some people might also reward them with gifts, tips, etc., if they are satisfied with your service. Nurses make a difference in people’s lives. People ranked nurses and doctors as healthcare heroes during the covid times. 

Flexible Schedule

Registered Nurses have a flexible schedule, and nurses get to choose their shifts. Homecare nurses usually work during business hours and have off on weekends. School nurses have two months off each summer. 

Wide Options To Choose

Nurses who have developed strong communication and psychological skills can choose to become psychiatric nurses. A Registered Nurse also has the perk of selecting their specialization of working. For instance, nurses who are compassionate about maternal care can choose the gynae department. Now that you know the perks of being a nurse, read about registered nurse education requirements.

Detailed Steps To Becoming A Registered Nurse

Every state would require aspiring nurses to complete the following procedures to become Registered Nurse:  

Step 1 – Education

After finishing your schooling, you have to earn a BSN or a bachelor’s of nursing. While other associate degrees can prepare you to become a Registered Nurse, BSN is the preferred priority by most authorities and hospitals. 

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Step 2- Clear NCLEX Exam

After completing your degree in BSN, you must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses ( NCLEX). If you could not pass the exam on the first attempt, you have to wait for 45 days to reappear again, as this exam’s purpose is to check your knowledge and eligibility to become a Registered Nurse. 

Step3 – Apply For A License

The final step is to apply for a license in whatever state you wish to work. This procedure can take a few days to a few weeks. 

Step- 4 The Final Step

The finals step requires you to look out for training and internships:

  • As you have spent a significant amount of time learning and studying, you deserve a little vacation. After clearing the NCLEX exam, take a day or two left to relax your body and mind. 
  • By reading this blog, you already must know that you have a plethora of fields and options to explore. Picture the environment you would like to work in. It could be a home, hospital, or school. Many nurses do not get time to explore and work in the department they wish for. Now is a good time to explore and research the various departments, environment, and perks. 
  • After completing NCLEX-RN, you are free to work as a Registered Nurse, so apply for Nurse Residency programs. Nurse Residency programs are programs offered by hospitals and larger healthcare organizations that provide a platform for Registered Nurses to implement learning based on professional clinical methods. It is an excellent way for nurses to get practical exposure and training.   
  • After this training, you can start applying for jobs. Get a professional recommendation from your professors, mentors, seniors, etc., and create a detailed resume highlighting your best medical skills and values. Network with other nurses and stay updated with the knowledge in your field. 

We hope you have read all the tips carefully. The essential thing is never to stop learning and keep pushing yourself to do better for the community.   

Timeline Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

The timeline of becoming a Registered Nurse depends on the course you are opting for. If you have chosen an associate degree, it would hardly take 16 months. While on the other hand, the BSN degree takes four years and is considered a top priority by Hospitals. Although, the timeline doesn’t matter. What matters is the right institution and medical knowledge to become a nurse. Enquire about the institution in detail while choosing the institute for studying. You have to make sure that they provide comprehensive medical knowledge and give practical education to the students. For this purpose, take reviews from its ex-students. Another thing is that whether you choose an associate course or a traditional BSN degree, stay committed to learning and get as much practical exposure as you can. One essential thing to notice is that a good institution’s students would be actively working in hospitals which is a sign that they are not limited to just textbooks.  

Best Agency To Get You A Job?

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