What are the Roles and Responsibilities of A Traveling Nurse


What is traveling nurse? Most people are unaware of this medical position. However, if you’ve heard about traveling nursing but find it looks too good to be real, here is the question that arises is can you actually travel to a new destination for a travel nurse assignment every 13 weeks? But yes, it’s entirely true, and traveling nurse agencies like I’kare can help you outsource them. Becoming a travel nurse is a great career option. So, what are the roles and responsibilities of a travel nurse? The roles and responsibilities of a travel nurse have almost the same job descriptions compared to a non-traveling nurse’s JD. However, being a travel nurse is accompanied by several benefits. Read this blog to know all about the traveling nurse position. 

Vital Information About Travel Nurse Job

If you are planning to become a traveling nurse, you are at the right place. This position includes the same roles and responsibilities as a non-travel nursing job in any healthcare facility. Traveling nurses are medical professionals who help patients and include a broad array of duties to perform, such as preparing nutritionally specific meals and administering medication. However, a registered traveling nurse will have a temporary nursing assignment, generally for 13 weeks, and travel from region to region. A few traveling nurses shift between healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, and schools.

Job Description of A Traveling Nurse

If you want to become a traveling nurse, you must follow the same instructions for all regular nurses. Initially, you must graduate from a nursing school and obtain a medical degree. After completing your nursing degree and getting a degree, your next step is to clear the NCLEX-RN test. After that, a traveling nurse will require at least one year of experience practicing in a medical facility set in the nursing specialty you want to work for; a few healthcare facilities that have more patients need more patient care. There are a lot of traveling nurse jobs open currently. So, if you are planning to become one, contact us for a thorough detail. 

What Are the Perks of Being Traveling Nurses 

After knowing about the roles and responsibilities of the traveling nursing job description, there are several benefits to a traveling nursing profession.

Traveling Nurse Assignment Pliability: Generally, a traveling nurse will work 13 weeks per assignment. After that, you have the flexibility to stretch their nursing assignment or travel to someplace new.

Higher Pay: Traveling nurses get higher payments compared to non-traveling nurses practicing in a medical facility. Traveling nurses earn higher wages compared to the pay rate of a non-traveling permanent nurse. For instance, several travel nurses with critical-care experience get paid around $100,000 per annum, including perks and allowances.

Chances For Advancement: A traveling nursing profession comes with a broad range of opportunities for advancement. You can practice in various settings in medical facilities all over the earth. The excellently made résumé of this certified nurse opens new options in health care organizations, educational, clinical, or management careers.

Avoid Office Politics: Stress and conflicts between colleagues are the most common things in every industry. The same thing applies in a high-tension job like nursing. If you do experience office politics, don’t allow it to hinder your career. Keep in mind that you are not a permanent nurse in a particular location, only you are working there for a short period, and you will get back on track in no time.

Explore The World: If you hold a daring spirit inside you, love moving around and seeing new destinations, the traveling nurse is a perfect career choice for you. As demand keeps rising, medical facilities seem to recruit international traveling nurses to practice or work in a particular nursing position for a short period. You can even go outside the country for a vacation during assignments. The span of your trip ultimately depends upon you.

Salary and Career Outlook of A Traveling Nurse

The BLS predicts that the outsourcing of certified or registered nurses will hike swifter than the national average by 2029, much more rapidly than average for registered vocational and practical nurses. According to a report, registered or licensed nurses with 90th percentile or above get paid over $116,230 or above per annum, while certified vocational and practical nurses in the 90th percentile earn $65,520 or more annually. On average, traveling nurse salaries can vary from candidate to candidate and their experiences.

Top Company to Kick-Start Your Traveling Nurse Career

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