Top Skills A Licensed Practical Nurse Must Possess


When you think about a practical nurse, what comes to your mind? Have you ever thought, what is a licensed practical nurse? Well, don’t scratch your head so hard. We are here for you and help you find the answers to all your questions. Now come to the point. Nurses have an important role in the healthcare field. They are needed to manage patients and remain dedicated to their regular job under the direction of registered doctors and nurses. They check and assist the patients to cope up with their issues. LPNs look into the patients’ issues and make a proper effective care plan. They also educate and guide their patients about medications and the recovery process. LPNs work in hospitality work settings such as medical centers, nursing centers, hospitals, and outpatient clinics.The Licensed practical nursing skills differ with the particular job, but there are different general skills and professional capabilities required in licensed practical nursing. So, did you ever think about what are practical skills in nursing? Find your answer in this blog. The leading skill of licensed practical nurses is that they need to be empathetic towards patients and possess strong communication skills. LPNs should always be prepared to function tirelessly in any emergency and deliver 100 percent while treating any patient. They should thoroughly keep records of inpatients and give real-time reports to their mentors. While bidding for a Licensed Practical Nurse job, candidates must carefully go through the job description and find the necessary and mandatory skills for the concerned job.

What Skills A Licensed Practical Nurse Need To Possess?

The skills required for the Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) have been given below. These top skills can be mentioned in creating cover letters, resumes, and job interviews. The vital LPN skills may vary according to the position and the job type. So, it is recommended that you must carefully check the job posts.

Strong Communication Skills

Licensed Practical Nurses work in teams, so having strong communication skills is super important to plan and execute tasks faster and become team players. LPNs work patiently with patients and guide them during ongoing treatment. They also help their family understand the situation and advise them to have patience. Licensed Practical Nurses can potentially understand the patient’s conditions and provide a crystal-clear report to the registered doctors and nurses who prepare the health care schedule for the patients.

Strong Decision-Making Skills

Having strong decision-making skills is one of the significant skills of Licensed Practical Nurses. In the duration of the emergency, the Licensed Practical Nurses or LPNs must offer an instant response with good decision-making skills. The decision-making skill builds confidence in them which straightly reflects in their work and team. To effectively perform compulsory procedures, decision-making skills play an important role. 


Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) must be agile, concentrated, and detail-oriented. While the ongoing treatment process of the patients, licensed practical nurses are responsible for diagnosing and prescribing medications. They need to report the diagnosis to the concerned licensed doctor. A mere mistake can lead to severe risks to the patient’s life. In the healthcare field, a little detail is of higher value. They are assumed to seek directions from licensed doctors and follow them in an ideal manner.

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Critical Thinking

The licensed practical nurses are responsible for applying nursing interrogations via a clinical care system. They implement their nursing education, skill, and experience to detect the issues of the patient. With critical thinking, licensed practical nurses should be self-sufficient and welcoming to adapt to the changes and situations. Critical thinking nursing skill makes the licensed nurses make the right decision amid an emergency kind of situation.

Computer Skills

Computer skills play a vital role in the profession of practical nursing. Several pieces of data require to be fed into the computer systems. The computers are utilized to keep proper patient reports and records. The major and confidential documentation task is done with the aid of computers.

Motor or Machine Skills

Licensed nursing professionals must be efficient with motor or machine skills to provide proper nursing care. They are required to use and calibrate equipment, including position, inserting catheters, administering injections, manipulating intravenous equipment, and transporting patients. 

Time Management Skills 

Nurses are needed to monitor and take care of every patient equally and provide equal attention and time. Excellent time management skills make things happen more neatly and easily. The execution of nursing tasks takes place smoothly and efficiently.

Supervisory Skills

Licensed practical nurses work in teams with other medical staff. To maintain the decorum of a health professional team, one must possess supervisory skills that aid them in monitoring the circumstances and learning the minor inputs from other healthcare members.

Clinical Skills

The clinical nursing skills involve detecting issues of patients depending on signs like skin color,  blood pressure, pulse, etc. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are supposed to take paramount care of the patients in the clinical work setting. They implement their knowledge and licensed practical nurse skills honed during their nursing program to do their jobs confidently.

Non-Clinical Skills

Licensed practical nurses with a few nursing activities such as dressing, physical exercise, feeding, restroom visits until the patients are under the nurse’s care. Licensed practical nurses also assist patients with their emotional and acute pain problems. They keep and maintain proper records of the patients. Licensed practical nurses must monitor nursing assistants and maintain an ideal working environment.

Dedication And Patience

This is again one of the necessary skills of licensed practical nurses or LPNs. This skill builds empathy and overcomes anxiety or the leading factor of any misinterpretation. Patience aids the nurses in making the correct decisions. The committed licensed practical nurses take adequate care of the patients and give them timely medicines as their mentors or supervisors prescribe. Real work dedication decides success in this nursing profession.


Licensed practical nurses should be responsible for their duty. LPNs have always to be prepared to face the queries of their supervisors. The licensed nurses’ tasks directly impact the patient, so always be real and honest with the patients and provide good assistance wherever required. A minor mistake can be dangerous to the patient. They are needed to monitor the patient’s health seamlessly and provide necessary services. They are needed to be cautious amid an emergency and give the best possible assistance at the time of urgency.

Job Description Of A Licensed Practical Nurse

Licensed nurses play important roles in today’s healthcare practices. Their basic job requirement is to offer regular care, help registered nurses & doctors, analyze patients’ health, and convey guidelines regarding home-based care, medication, and preemptive lifestyle changes. 

During the health treatment process, several patients feel scared and panic. Hence, it’s the responsibility of the nurses to educate and guide the patients about their issues and offer the best possible solution. Only the licensed nurse’s job can be performed perfectly when a patient is satisfied with the answers. Licensed practical nurses with excellent educational backgrounds understand the patient’s problems better than others. 

Final Thoughts

The candidates having above given traits and skills are the best fit for the licensed practical nursing (LPN) job. These skills are essential if someone is aspiring to become an enthusiastic and successful licensed practical nurse in the future. Don’t be disheartened if you miss a few of the skills because it’s never too late to begin over. If these vital skills are implemented correctly, no one can stop you from being a great licensed practical nurse. If you have most of those mentioned above licensed practical nursing skills, I’kare Consulting Firm is waiting for you. We are looking for candidates like you. Visit us and get hired.

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