Per Diem Nurses: Skills, Roles & Responsibilities, Job Description, Salary


A per-diem nurse job is an excellent option if you require additional work experience, flexibility, or another streamlet of income. People can find different per-diem jobs in different industries, like construction, healthcare, and education. It’s necessary to know in detail about per-diem job requirements and the way they function to check if they’re a great fit for you. This blog will describe what per-diem work is and mention instances of common per-diem jobs.

What Is A Per-Diem Nurse Job?

A per diem nurse job is a task you complete on an as-required basis for an organization. There are various types of per diem jobs. Per diem nurses get paid for each day they work (per diem is the Latin word for “per day”), and the working time typically varies from week to week. As per diem, nurses don’t work full time; they don’t generally get perks, like retirement plans, healthcare, or paid time off.

A per-diem nurse job is an excellent way to make an income without perpetuating a nursing job for a long period. Per diem nurses can also carry a full-or part-time job besides a per-diem nursing job, and they can decide when they want to work depending on their own work schedule. Several per-diem nursing jobs often have good pay as there are no additional perks, although it is not necessary that per diem nurses salary will be consistent.

Primary Duties of per diem travel nurses or simply nurses: A per diem nurse aids facilities during the tough times of colder months when the cold and flu are more common or epidemic illnesses. Per diem nurses help administer medication, check patient vitals, help patients with eating, cleaning, and functioning with other doctors and nurses. Nurses with higher educational degrees, such as nurse practitioners, can order or review tests and prescribe medications and treatments.

The Difference Between A Per Diem Nurse Job And A Part Time Job

There are a variety of differences between a part-time job and a per-diem job. Also, both jobs have their advantages and disadvantages. Consider these common job differences enlisted below to decide the best choice for you. Find per diem nursing pros and cons below:


When it comes to the difference between a per-diem job and a part-time job is inclusive stability. If you are a part-time nurse, you possibly work about the same number of days and hours each week, even at distinct times. For instance, you could function 20 hours per week, but you could work night, day, and weekend shifts. Whereas, if you operate on a per-diem basis, you could function 40 hours in one week, then merely 10 hours the next week.


A part-time nursing job offers you more dollars collectively since you’ll probably have more persistent working hours than what you can receive in a per-diem nurse job. However, per-diem nursing jobs might provide more income per hour because employers are generally required to fill the vacancy of nurses immediately. The lofty pay also compensates for fewer perks.

Per-diem working hours generally depend on what the facility requires. For instance, a hospital facility could employ extra nurses during the flu season to fulfill demand and schedule per-diem nurses to operate week-to-week. So, how much do per diem nurses make? It depends on an individual’s skills, educational background, and experience.


A flexible work schedule is another benefit of a per diem nurse job. If you indulge in a part-time job, you will get a schedule with your work hours from your employer/facility in advance. These work shifts are fixed hours you function throughout the month. Whereas, if you work on a per-diem basis, you will not know when and where you work ahead of time. As an outcome, there is no pre-planned set of hours for you to function. You might find a per diem nurse job liberating if you like distinct working hours throughout the month.





The primary difference between a part-time job and a per-diem job is the prospects for job benefits. If you are a part-time nurse, your employer may offer some kinds of benefits, such as paid time off and health insurance. Meanwhile, if you are a per-diem nurse employee, you probably won’t receive any benefits. If you are required to take a day off, you won’t receive any payment, and you’ll have to look for another source for your health insurance.

Roles & Responsibilities Of A Per Diem Nurses

“Per Diem” means “per day.” In simple words, medical nurses functioning in a per diem role are fundamentally working on call.

Working on-call means distinct things depending on the organization or facility. For instance, the medical nurse may be termed as same-day sick calls. Work shifts of a per diem nurse may differ from a partial shift to an eight to twelve-hour day (based on the facility). Per diem nurses can also be pre-scheduled to fill in for regular staff on vacation, etc. Also, facilities hire Per diem nurses for seasonal medical staffing coverage; for instance, during flu and cold season where patient care demand rises, or summer days when several nurses go on vacation. Holiday coverage is also at times considered “seasonal,” as lots of full-time medical nurses request that time off. When per diem nursing agencies hire per diem nurses, they are responsible for caring for the patients. They can be appointed to work in different medical facilities every day. However, it’s not necessary that you have to change your facility every day, sometimes the time can be extended for more than a week or even a month. 


Job Description Of A Per Diem Nurse

Per diem nurse offers direct care to serious patients with the help of the medical nursing process in the facility setting. Makes and offers treatment schedules as requested. Encourage self-care by educating patients. Sorts and maintains clinic supplies and equipment. They are well-versed with a 13-bed miscellaneous Medical ICU/Coronary Contained Unit (CCU) and specialize in Acute MI, Pre-Cardiac Transplants, CRRT, Congestive Heart Failure, neurological patients, and complex ventilation using the most recent technologies and equipment. Per diem nurses should be voluntarily available to aid with difficult patients.

What Is The Minimum Qualification Of A Per Diem Nurse

If you are willing to work as a per diem nurse but not sure how to start and what qualification you require to work as a per diem nurse, we are here to help you out. Below, we are mentioning the minimum qualification needed to become a per diem nurse:

  • A per diem candidate must have a graduation degree from a recognized nursing school.
  • They must have an active medical practitioner license.
  • CPR/ACLS and BLS certifications at time of hire with commitment.
  • A per diem nurse needs a minimum of one (1) year of recent acute care RN experience in an adult ICU.
  • They must be a team player and possess strong communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

Here, we are providing a list of necessary qualifications that are preferred when choosing a per diem nurse:

  • BSN.
  • Experience with cardiopulmonary, neuro, and/or cardiac care.
  • CCRN, CSC, or CMC certification(s).
  • Two (2+) years of critical care RN experience
  • Special condition nursing
  • Must have the potential to work different hours, shifts, days, on-call, and different locations depending on the 24-hour Medical Center’s business requirements.
  • Per diem employment may be subject to a criminal background check and pre-employment physical.

Salary Of Per Diem Nurses

Per diem medical nurses can earn a substantial amount of money because of the flexibility of their work schedules. But precisely what is the per diem salary for nurses? The answer isn’t that simple, as there are a variety of factors involved. We’ll explain the variety of income per diem RNs can generate and why they can make more income. Per diem medical nurses don’t get per diem nursing perks like traditional full-time nurses. But salary is surely a benefit if you want to work extra hours. A per diem nursing job provides the flexibility to function fewer hours than a full-time job. It also enables per diem nurses to take additional time away when they require it most. Per diem nurses generally get a salary depending on their skills, education, and experience in the same field.

If you are a medical nursing aspirant and want to work in a per diem role, you must fulfill the criteria. If you possess all the required skills and knowledge, come to I’kare Consulting Firm and get hired at a handsome pay. We are looking to hire per diem nurses, Registered nurses, and so on.

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