A Detailed LPN Hospice Job Description For A Skyrocketing Nursing Career


Licensed Practical Nurses or LPN hospice nurses help treat patients by following the care plan made by the medical team. Hospice patients are patients who are in critical conditions and require all the time serious attention and care. A career in hospice care can guarantee you a good salary and various opportunities. 

However, unlike other career fields in the medical sector, LPN hospice nurses don’t revolve around curative treatment. Also, the LPN hospice nurse who chooses to work in hospice care focuses on preventing suffering and pain in patients and enhancing life quality. Along with supporting the patient and their family.  

Hospice is a specialized medical field that requires noble, compassionate, and dedicated people. If you fit right into this role, read this blog. It is a detailed LPN hospice Job description for a skyrocketing career in the healthcare industry.

What Is The Career In LPN Hospice Care Like?

To become an LPN hospice nurse, you may have to go through several background and educational experiences. Jobs in hospice care include hospice doctors, social workers, counselors, home health workers, LPN hospice nurses, ward boys, etc.

A career in hospice healthcare can be challenging and rewarding simultaneously. An LPN hospice nurse focuses on preventing suffering and pain in patients and enhancing their life quality. Moreover, LPN workers provide moral support to the patient and their families. 

The medical industry revolves around curative and life-threatening diseases, injuries, and traumas. Astonishingly hospice healthcare is much more serious than that.

That is why the duties and responsibilities of an LPN hospice care can be challenging enough. They have to deal with the overwhelming experiences of deaths, accidents, etc. Therefore, not everyone can choose to become an LPN hospice nurse. It takes bravery, confidence, and dedicated people to enter this field.

Read ahead the duties and responsibilities of an LPN hospice nurse in detail.

LPN Hospice Job: Role And Responsibilities

To become an LPN hospice nurse, you need to become a registered nurse who knows the value of hospice care in relieving pain and suffering. You should have a kind and compassionate nature with impressive interpersonal skills. Also, you should have good medical knowledge knowledgeable in caring for the critically ill. Following are the detailed duties of an LPN hospice nurse. 

  • Announce the news of accidents, loss, and serious ailments to the family in a dignified manner.
  • Provide personal skilled nursing attention and care to patients in their homes.
  • Strategize a patient-specific and comprehensive care plan for the patient.
  • Provide a company and spend quality time with patients in their own homes and nursing homes.
  • LPN hospice nurses collaborate with doctors, physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, and other members of the healthcare care team to execute a patient-specific treatment plan. Cooperatively utilize varied solutions to make aware and promote their health and happiness of the patient. 
  • Make a balanced diet plan for the patient and ensure they take it on time. 
  • Helping the doctors, and senior nurses, in surgeries, wound dressing, administering medicines, and operating medical machines. 
  • Be empathetic with the patients and counsel them to be positive and take care of their health. 
  • LPN hospice nurses analyze, monitor, document, and report the progress of a patient’s condition within established timelines. 
  • Make frequent visits to the patient and their family to evaluate their condition and ensure they are well. 
  • Provide moral support and comfort to the patient according to their needs.
  • Administer medicines, injections, glucose, oxygen, etc.  
  • Do wound dressing of the patient and change bandaids when needed. 
  • May have to help the patient in daily activities like bathing, brushing, eating, etc. 
  • LPN hospice nurses alleviate sudden pain and suffering symptoms of the disease. 
  • Notify a doctor about the patient’s condition whenever necessary.
  • Assist the patients and their families in doing paperwork.

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Qualifications Of A LPN Hospice Nurse 

Read next about the qualifications you need to become a Licensed practical hospice nurse.  To become an LPN hospice care nurse, you need the following qualifications: 

  1. Clear high school from any school or college.
  2. Complete Graduation from an accredited nursing school. 
  3. You need a valid license as a registered nurse or LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse of a particular place. 
  4. Training in a healthcare organization, hospital, or clinic. 
  5. You may also need a certificate in hospice and palliative care as a nurse (CHPLN). 
  6. A basic life support certification. 

Experience And Skill Set For LPN Hospice Nurse 

Hospice care requires you to have the following skill sets and experiences: 

  • You should be kind, compassionate, and patient at the same time to dealing with people. 
  • People skills, time management skills, multi-tasking, and the ability to complete tasks on time
  • You should be thick-skinned and be prepared to see critical patients, loss of lives, and emotional turmoil daily.  
  • Brave, confident to handle all the responsibilities well, motivating the team to work dedicatedly. 
  • You have to be very humble and polite to deal with some special patients like kids and senior citizens. Also, you have to be sensitive to patients battling chronic illnesses like cancer and heart conditions. 
  • You have to think critically and should have the ability to solve problems. 
  • It is a helping and supportive nature to guide and support patients and their families emotionally. 
  • You should have the ability to cope with exhaustion, burnout, and emotional stress to tolerate the hospice environment. 
  • Good written, verbal, and computer skills to prepare reports. 
  • A believer who can make things happen and works positively to do so and make people believe in the same. 
  • Team player who can coordinate with doctors and counselors. 
  • Flexible and dynamic to handle multiple things. 
  • Physically active in walking, climbing, and helping the patient in daily activities. 
  • Mentally active to remember roles and responsibilities and understand that they hold a special place in people’s lives. 

The skills and responsibilities may sound too much for a newbie LPN, but as you grow in the career, you will efficiently fulfill all your tasks like a professional. 

How To Fetch An LPN Hospice Nurse Job?

LPN hospice nurses work dedicatedly to provide around-the-clock treatment care to the patients. They impact society with their jobs, and therefore, people respect and honor their profession. 

If you wish to become an LPN hospice nurse, reach out to I’ Kare Consultation Firm for guidance and placement services. We are a staffing agency for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and individuals looking for nurses. We will help you get your desired LPN Hospice Job in just a few days. Or, if you are an employer looking for a dedicated LPN hospice nurse, contact us.

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