How To Start A Healthcare Staffing Agency? A Stepwise Guide


The Healthcare business is booming swiftly, and so is the demand for skilled healthcare staff. Thus, the healthcare staffing agency is expanding and providing a lucrative business opportunity. If you implement a solid system and process, attract skilled workers, and satisfy clients’ requirements, your chances of having a successful business are at the top. Creating a staffing agency, mainly if appropriately managed, can scale exponentially and be profitable in the long run. In fact, staffing is a $17B industry – and one of the fastest-growing industries in B2B services. Over 20,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the U.S. have over 39,000 offices combined.

Healthcare staffing agencies supply healthcare professionals, such as nurses, doctors, dentists, and paramedics, to healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, clinics, medical centers, or nursing home facilities. While this creates a great business opportunity, knowing how to start a healthcare staffing agency is essential. To help you a little and give you a clear perspective on your business idea, below, we have outlined eight easy steps on how you can create a business plan for a healthcare staffing agency.

Write Your Business Goals And Purpose

Start by writing a detailed business plan for starting a healthcare staffing company. Your business proposal must be concise and easy to understand. Describe who you are and what your company plans to do. Make sure to provide a description that includes the types of staffing options. List target markets such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, hospices, nursing homes, home health care providers, non-profit organizations, and government-run health care centers

Set a financial goal to maintain momentum, and if you apply for a business loan, this is the time to write down why you need the funds and what your target is—also, list startup and overhead costs such as software equipment and marketing costs.

Mention What Sets You Apart

Use this section to think, plan, and execute what sets you apart. How will your agency be different from other healthcare staffing agencies? Are you in a unique niche? What are your standards of service? What is your strategy? How will you handle recruitments? What will be your fee structure? What will you do if you receive a disappointed client? Plan now to prevent chaos in the future.

Evaluate Your Competitors

List the healthcare agencies in your target area. Take a detailed look at those who are excelling and even those who are lying behind. Mark their strategies or mistakes. Where they are doing great and what opportunities they are missing. A detailed evaluation of your competitors before starting your business will help you create a brilliant business strategy and even the correct idea to execute.

Register Your Company

Government requirements for staffing agencies vary, but you must obtain an LLC, a limited liability company. Be sure your new name doesn’t already exist. It will help you establish a name for your healthcare staffing agency.

The registration and licensing process can be done online quickly, but the registration process varies state by state. Ensure to check the rules and functions for your location. Once registered, you’ll get a tax identification number to pay business taxes and employee withholding.

Ensure Liability Protection 

Your healthcare workers are your responsibility. Make sure to take general and professional liability insurance and worker compensation insurance. Even if they are out of your administration, their mistakes, improprieties, and accidents return to you as their employer. Many healthcare centers ask for proof of your insurance before they agree to hire anyone from your agency.

Explore Funding Options

As you start your agency, try to find clients, and hire staff, your business may be in the red flag category for the first few months. It’s perfectly normal and is the case with most startups. But you have to find extra funding to help your business take off. The marketing, recruiting, and operating costs must be paid, and you have the employees before you even have clients.

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Market Your Services

Promote your services and build healthy relationships with hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, health care centers, and other medical institutes in your target area. Make cold calls to spread words about yourself and make appointments to meet with decision-makers in these establishments, such as the human resources manager, director of nursing, administrator, or other executive directors. Build a direct mail campaign and attend networking events relevant to the health industry. Advertise in health care trade publications and develop a website to market your medical staffing agency.

Advertise For Staff And Build Healthy Relations

Social media and recruiting are a match made in heaven. There are illimitable ways to promote your facilities using various online platforms such as Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Monster or Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on to connect with job seekers and share content that showcases the requirements.

Offer benefits

Don’t forget to mention the perks or benefits your clients offer to their employees. Every prospective employee is curious about the perks of a new job. It is a significant factor in deciding where to work.

Sell location

Location plays a significant role in deciding where to work. Sometimes the candidate likes the job, but the site does not suit them. So make sure to highlight the location and emphasize the convenience.

Do Competency Test

Do competency tests for specific medical positions to determine if a potential employee can perform the required duties for the post. Verify the licensure and certification of your candidates by calling or viewing the online database of the licensing body in your state.

Build Strong Relations

Recruiting healthcare staff can be a difficult job. It requires a skill set that includes organization, determination, and a natural ability to interact with people. Building genuine relationships with clients and competent candidates will lead to overall satisfaction on everyone’s end. It will help you receive solid positive reviews, which is critical for every successful business.

Bottom Line

Preparing to start a healthcare staffing agency can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Startup costs can scare you off, and the hard work you need to put in may exhaust you but don’t give up! Remember, a solid work ethic, consistency, and perseverance are the keys to success in your venture.

I’Kare Consulting Firm is an emerging healthcare staffing agency focused on delivering potential and skilled candidates to our clients, including hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, and other relevant facilities. When we dreamt of starting our healthcare staffing agency, we followed all the aforementioned steps and guidelines to make a boom in the market, and now we are here to cater to the most prominent healthcare facilities’ requirements.  Plus, we have also helped numerous medical aspirants fetch their dream job.

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