Roles And Responsibilities Of The Certified Nurse Assistants

The work of a Certified Nurse Assistant or CNA is to assist other nurses and doctors in the medical industry. It is an entry-level profession in high demand due to the pandemic. The job is best suited for compassionate and kind people. This job profile includes basic nursing care and helping patients with their daily tasks like bathing and feeding. Becoming a nurse assistant is a great way to step into the healthcare industry. You must be aware that a doctor or a registered nurse must study for at least 4-to five years. On the other hand, you can become a nurse assistant in 1-2 years. In addition to this advantage, you get valuable experience working as a nursing assistant. However, some people get promotions to advanced-level jobs in medical care. You can start working soon after completing your training. The best thing is that it can open various opportunities for you in the nursing field. 

Wondering what the responsibilities of a nurse assistant have? Read ahead to know the duties of a CNA. In this blog, you will get clear insights into the same. 

Duties Of A Certified Nurse Assistant

A Certified nurse assistant’s tasks individually and as a team include the following: 

  • Assisting senior nurses and doctors in their tasks. 
  • Creating medical strategies to treat diseases. 
  • Taking vital information about the patient, such as previous medical history, cause of the illness, etc
  • Answering the queries on the call and as well as in-person in the hospital 
  • Nurse assistants alert the senior nurse regarding medical emergencies. 
  • Monitoring the needs and requirements of the patients
  • Reporting the issues of the patients to the doctors and senior nurses 
  • Ensures the patient’s comfort by changing bedding, filling water jugs, etc. 
  • Repositioning the patients in bed. 
  • Helping the patients with the daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.  
  • Assisting and lifting the patient from the bed. Take the patients to the examination tables, stretchers, operation theaters, etc.
  • Assisting the senior nurses in minor medical procedures
  • Setting up essential equipment of oxygen tents, portable radiographs, IVs, etc.
  • Changing the dresses of patients and bandaging them
  • Administering medicines and injections as suggested by the doctors and senior nurses
  • Measuring the food and liquid intake as directed by the doctors
  • Explaining the medical terminologies and procedures to the patient and their family
  • Measuring essential signs of blood pressure, temperature & oxygen levels
  • Stocking and providing medical supplies such as treatment trays 

Apart from these duties, a nurse assistant must possess some qualities that make them an excellent nurse.  

Qualities Of A Great Nurse Assistant? 

You must be wondering what turns a nurse into a great nurse assistant? Nurse assistants are the frontline workers who provide basic care to the patients. They need to be calm and comfortable while performing their duties. Therefore, a great nurse assistant possesses various skills and traits that make them a respectable and noble pillar of society. Read more to know about what is expected from a great nurse assistant.  


Dependability is the skill that one must acquire to become a skillful nurse assistant. Nurse assistants must be reliable and responsible for completing as many tasks as possible. They have to complete these tasks on time and accurately. Failure to be one can lead to dangerous medical consequences. 

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People in the healthcare industry must be compassionate. Their work is to save lives and add value to society. Caring for others requires compassion and kindness. One must be kind enough to understand the patient’s needs. As many patients might feel weak and sensitive, a good nurse assistant is expected to provide a safe and comfortable space for the patients. 

Working with people of different ages, ethnicities, and lifestyles is challenging. Healing patients requires understanding their pain. Your work will require you to deal with the patients and help them with their daily tasks. Additionally, this might also include working around blood. If you are a squeamish person, this field might not be ideal. However, you have to be thick-skinned to deal with sickness and injuries daily.  

Team Player 

A nurse assistant must be a good team player. As you will be working with doctors, nurses, and several other healthcare workers, you should be able to work in a team. A team that works positively together goes a long way. To strategize and execute medical tasks efficiently, incorporate team playing spirits in yourself. 


Being a nurse assistant requires you to be patient because working with patients is not always easy. Some might be hurting from inside, frustrated, or scared. On the other hand, some patients might be demanding, stubborn, or annoying. To deal with all such issues, you have to be patient. 

On some days working in the healthcare industry can be stressful and hectic. Managing stress and staying calm during all situations is an essential skill. An excellent nurse assistant must be calm and patient to handle all situations. 

Effective Communication Skills  

Effective communication is an essential skill that every nursing assistant candidate must possess. A nurse assistant’s vital requirement is to communicate well with the patient or their family members. So, it’s crucial to deliver the right information ahead. 

Physically Active 

Remember, you don’t have to be super athletic, but you have to perform various tasks such as lifting the patient, climbing stairs various times, etc., so a nurse assistant must be physically active.

An excellent nurse assistant must possess all the qualities mentioned above. If you think you are the right fit, jumpstart and choose nursing assistant as your full-time career. 

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Are you planning to become a nurse assistant? You still might have numerous questions about the profession. We have answered some of your questions, such as:

Q- Is a nurse assistant considered a nurse? 

A– As the title suggests, nurse assistants “assist” other nurses and doctors, so yes, they are also considered nurses. They work under the supervision of senior registered nurses. Undeniably they are vital pillars of the medical industry as they help and support patients in their day-to-day activities. Nurse assistants help registered nurses to observe and maintain patients’ records. Also, they all work as a team and form strategies to treat the patients. 

Q- Where do nurse assistants work? 

A– Nurse assistants work at healthcare centers, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. In a few cases, their duties depend on the place of the work. Nurse assistants work in the wards dedicated to kids and infants. They may also work in specific hospitals and departments. 

Nurse assistants also work in elder homes, rehabilitation homes, etc. In conclusion, as a nurse assistant, you have wide options of environments and facilities that you want to work in. 

Q- Is a nurse assistant a promising career?  

A– Working as a nurse assistant can offer excellent career scope. It is a noble and respected profession. There are many perks of being an assistant nurse, such as choosing the work shifts, environment, and departments. In addition to this, they enjoy the perks of choosing the population they want to work with. 

Q- What is the salary of a nurse assistant? 

A– A certified nurse assistant salary can vary depending on the workplace and duties they serve. Generally, their salary may vary from 1 lakh per year to 7 lakhs per year. The public hospital’s wages might differ from the private hospital’s wages. 

Q – What are the nurse assistant qualifications? 

A– To become a certified nurse assistant, you don’t have to study for 4-5 years. Rather, you can start preparing after completing your high school or GED. After this, you have to qualify for the state-approved certified nurse assistant training. The final step is to clear the NNAAP Examination. NNAAP stands for The National Nurse Aide Assessment Program. The purpose of this exam is to check your eligibility and knowledge.

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